Boltwire CMS是一个免费wiki内容管理系统

Boltwire CMS是一个免费wiki内容管理系统-飞狗网

Boltwire CMS是一个免费的内容管理系统,它使用PHP作为编程语言,具有快速安装和许多特性。一些例子包括健壮的wiki标记、扩展其功能的能力、多语言支持、移动和打印友好的高级表单处理。它于2008年1月2日首次发布,此后完成了5个开发周期,改进了其特性。下面的屏幕截图可以让您了解BoltWire演示的外观,但您也可以下载该软件并创建自己的BoltWire演示。BoltWire CMS旨在帮助快速创建健壮的web应用程序。

Boltwire CMS is a free content management system that uses PHP as a programming language that comes with a quick installation and many features. Some examples include robust wiki markups, ability to extend its functionality, multi language support, mobile and print friendly and advanced forms processing. It was first released on January 2, 2008 and has completed 5 development cycles since then, improving its features. The screenshots below will give you an idea of how a BoltWire demo looks like, but you can also download the software and create your own BoltWire demo. BoltWire CMS was designed to help create robust web applications fast.