bBlog是一个免费的开源博客软件,由eadenmckee首先在PHP中创建。一些功能的例子包括易于安装、垃圾邮件保护、多作者支持和跨博客通信。bBlog的最新版本是0.7.6。并于2005年7月18日获释。从那时起,这个项目就没有被它的开发团队维护或支持过,但是你仍然可以在SourceForge上下载它来创建你自己的bBlog演示。服务器要求包括Apache/Linux web服务器、PHP4.1+和MySQL。但是,由于可能的安全问题,开发团队不建议下载它。下面的截图将为您提供bBlog演示的预览和一些主题示例。

bBlog is a free open source blog software built in PHP first started by Eaden McKee. Some examples of features include easy installation, spam protection, multi-author support and cross-blog communications. The latest version of bBlog is 0.7.6. and was released on July 18, 2005. Since then, the project hasn’t been maintained or supported by its team of developers, but you can still download it on SourceForge to create your own bBlog demo. Server requirements include an Apache/Linux web server, PHP 4.1+ and MySQL. However, the team of developers down not recommend downloading it due to possible security issues. The screenshots below will give you a preview of how a bBlog demo looks like and a few examples of themes.