BlogCMS 免费开源个人博客内容管理系统

BlogCMS 免费开源个人博客内容管理系统-飞狗网

博客CMS是由Radek Hulan用PHP开发的免费开源个人内容管理系统,使用MySQl数据库。它被设计成一个个人发布平台,带来了很多很酷的功能,比如博客、集成论坛、wiki引擎、照片库和新闻聚合器。如果你想看看博客:CMS演示看起来您可以从SourceForge下载并完成安装过程。可供下载的最新版本是4.2.1.g,发布于2011年6月6日。该软件支持以下语言:英语、德语、捷克语和俄语。

BlogCMS is a free open source personal content management system developed by Radek Hulan in PHP, that uses a MySQl database. It was designed to be a personal publishing platform that brings a lot of cool features like a weblog, integrated forum, wiki engine, photo gallery and news aggregator. If you want to see how a Blog:CMS demo looks like you can download it from SourceForge and go through the installation process. The latest version available for download is 4.2.1.g and was released on June 6, 2011. The software has support for the following languages: English, German, Czech and Russian.