Iconic One是快速的博客wordpress主题

Iconic One是快速的博客wordpress主题-飞狗网-fegou.cn

Iconic One是一个优质的主题,具有像素完美的排版和响应能力,专为速度而构建,pagespeed分数为95+,Iconic One实施适当的搜索引擎优化,使您的内容排名靠前,并与AIOSEO和Yoast SEO兼容,它充分利用了Live customizer,让您可以在几分钟内设置主题,你可以很容易地上传徽标,修改背景色,页脚文本,社交媒体网址,而不必接触任何代码行。它利用最新的HTML5、CSS3和wordpress本地函数来创建在每一个浏览器上都很好的外观。

Iconic One is a premium quality theme with pixel perfect typography and responsiveness and is built for speed with pagespeed score of 95+, Iconic One implements proper SEO so that your content will rank high and is compatible with AIOSEO and Yoast SEO, It makes proper use of Live customizer that allows you to setup the theme in minutes, you can easily upload the logo, modify the background color, footer text, social media urls without touching any line of code. It utilizes latest HTML 5, CSS3 and wordpress native functions for creating the awesomeness that looks good on every browser.

Iconic One是快速的博客wordpress主题